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10 Reasons to switch to Shabby Paints

  1. Made 100 % in the USA.
  2. Hand made from scratch. (We don’t buy someone else’s paint and add chemicals to it)
  3. Our paint is safe! Non Toxic and contains NO VOC’s, so go ahead and paint indoors around your family! *
  4. Save time and Money, Our Chalk-Acrylic paint has almost double the coverage of latex based paints.
  5. Our paint, finishes, glazes and stains are made with 100% Pure Acrylic. No vinyl, no latex, and no fillers.
  6. Yes it is thick like pudding and we are proud of it! If you want watered down paint, then add water.  We believe that selling a pure product is more important than trying to make a few extra dollars by watering down YOUR paint.
  7. All our Paints and Finishes are Green, no not the color, the Earth Friendly kind.
  8. Will last a lifetime if stored properly.
  9. Perfect for those with chemical sensitivities, allergies, pregnant, or concerned about long term health problems.

Drum Roll please…..

  1. We don’t use wax products so you will never have to Buff again, You’re Welcome.

*Just because there is no one regulating the toxins listed below doesn’t mean we are going to allow them in our products!  So when we say Non Toxic and Earth Friendly we exceed industry standards. None of these are in our products.  No ammonia, acetone, arsenic, formaldehyde, cadmium, heavy metals, methyl acetate, and phallates. Be Careful of others that claim no or low VOC, they can still have these toxins in them.

10 reasons to switch to Shabby Paints
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