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Caring for your Painted Furniture

Furniture painted with Shabby Paints that has been protected with one of Shabby Paints Top Coats will last you a lifetime if cared for properly.

Unlike Waxed pieces you do not need to reapply your topcoat unless they are damaged or outdoors.  For your outdoor pieces we recommend going over it with a quick wipedown with VAX or Varnish every 5-8 years to make sure you still have adequate UV protection so your paint won’t fade.

Caring for Shabby Paints Painted Furniture

  1. Use a soft lint free cloth for dusting.  Never use solvent based cleaners or furniture polish. These chemicals will shorten the life of your furniture and are horrible for the environment.
  2. Use felt on heavy pieces that have rough bottoms that might scratch your furniture.
  3. Clean up spills or messes immediately with a damp lint free cloth.
  4. If you do get a water ring or scuff try buffing with a dry microfiber cloth.   Removing water rings
  5. Deep cleaning can be done using a soft lint free rag, with a simple homemade cleaner using; 16 oz. of water, 1 drop of Blue original Dawn, and a tablespoon of vinegar. ( I use this for cleaning everything even windows.)

With just a little bit of love your Shabby Paints painted pieces can give you a lifetime of enjoyment while being non toxic and safe for the environment. Still have questions, check out our Support page.

Download PDF here:

Caring for your Painted Furniture 

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