Furniture Painting 101 – Video Included

How to Prep, Clean, Paint, Wet Sand, Protect & Glaze furniture   Furniture Painting 101   A Beginner’s Guide to Painting Furniture   PREPARATION   SMALL REPAIRS - Look your piece over do you need to make any repairs? Fill holes and small damaged areas with your favorite wood repair filler. [...]

How to Paint Fabric / Upholstery  

Video Included Below: Well it only took a few months to get to, this cute little bench!!  The fabric was in great shape but not going to work in my house.  If you are not up for reupholstering something this is a great alternative that is easy, inexpensive and great for saving a piece [...]

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Balayage Fall Decor

While I love the bold orange hues of fall, I'm never happy with doing the same thing year after year.  While pulling pumpkins out of the attic, I decided all my dated fall decor needed an update and I found inspiration right under my TV. These Balayage inspired pumpkins [...]

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