Faux Galvanized Tiered Tray

Faux Galvanized Tiered Tray Styles: Rustic Metal, Industrial, Modern Metallic, Farmhouse. Most of you already know how cheap I am, but when I have my eye on something I can't just let it go.  I've always wanted one of these cute metal tiered trays, they are perfect for adding some industrial flair.  I just [...]

DIY Stained Concrete using Shabby Paints

Stained Concrete Using Shabby Shimmer Paint Looking to buy Shabby Paints? Check out our Retailer map for your local Shabby Paints Stylist. A few months ago when my porch wasn't acting as storage for my hoarding overflow, it was my favorite place to relax, and even take [...]

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Ugly Coffee Table Makeover

Coffee Table Makeover! I've had this table for over a month and decided it was time to pull it out from under the pile of other projects that had tried to hide it from sight.       First step, Prep for Success! Clean, Rinse then paint. Start here to learn more about getting [...]

Warped Table Camouflage

Warped Table Camouflage A True Story of Trash to Treasure! Over the years I have become the go to lady when someone has junk they no longer want. Must be the Sanford and Son vibe I give off.  This ugly beast was left outside for over a year and was headed to the dump.  It [...]