A safer way to Lime Wood

A Safer way to Lime Wood I am so excited to bring you this tutorial because I love the look of Limed wood, but hate the toxin laden, labor intensive aspect lurking behind the beauty. You might know this technique as being called Lime Waxing, Lime Washing, White Washing or even Cerusing. Best described as highlighting wood grain or the pores. There are lots of ways to do this and I’m not big on doing things like everyone else. So here is my zero VOC, Earth & Animal Friendly version of Cerusing.

Staining Wood with Paint

As an artist the last thing we want is to be limited. With the growing popularity of wood staining I wanted to share a technique that is easy and inexpensive. No one wants to be limited when it comes to stain colors so pick up your favorite Shabby Paints Chalk-Acrylic color and create your own style of stain!

DIY Stained Concrete using Shabby Paints

Stained Concrete Using Shabby Shimmer Paint Looking to buy Shabby Paints? Check out our Retailer map for your local Shabby Paints Stylist. A few months ago when my porch wasn't acting as storage for my hoarding overflow, it was my favorite place to relax, and even take [...]

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