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Farmhouse Inspired – Ceiling Makeover

Got an ugly textured ceiling?  Need an easy and budget friendly way to update?

Here is an inexpensive way to update a textured or popcorn ceiling without breaking the bank.

Tools: Nail Gun, Chop Saw, Table saw (or circular saw), Safety Goggles, Billed Hat, Mask, 4 ft. Level, Pencil, Stud Finder, Floor Scraper or Putty Knife.

Learn from my mistakes. Wear eye protection and a billed hat at all times. I got a piece of the ceiling embedded in my eye and it took a long time to get it out. OUCH!

Supplies: Underlayment Board cut into strips by Home Depot, 2” nails and your Favorite Shabby Paints Color.

I had Home Depot cut 4×8 sheets of Tri Ply Underlayment (around $11.00 a sheet) into 6 equal size planks this should give you around 8” x 8’ planks.

Cost: Under $100.00 for a 12×12 room.

Tip: Since I was doing the ceiling solo, I used a chop saw to cut all my boards in 4-foot pieces so they would be more manageable.

Prep:  * Warning check for asbestos!

  • Start by scraping any large texture pieces or chunks with a putty knife or my favorite a floor scraper. Knock anything off that would prevent a flat install.
  • Mark your rafters. A good stud finder is key. Use your Level and pencil to mark across the entire room.

Install: Start in the corner being sure to get nails into your rafters. Keep the pattern random like you would a planked floor.

Paint: I used a roller to apply one coat of Shabby Paints Tiffany then used a Shabby Applicator Sponge to do a White Wash with diluted Snow White.

Tip: I recommend measuring and verifying that you will not end up having to cut the last board less than ½ of the boards width. If it measures out that you would, I would rip the first board to make it end right.

Tip 2: A jigsaw is great for cutting around light fixtures.

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