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Painting with Shimmers

A Beginners guide to painting with Metallic Paints

Painting with Shimmers

The key to the “shimmer” is thin coats. As with the VAX, a few thin coats will lend a better result than one thick coat. You may dilute the product with a small amount of water (it is recommended in a separate container) to assist in the process and for maximum shine.

Preparation: Similar to the Chalk-Acrylic paints. Surface MUST be clean and dry free of wax, oils and grease. Do to the nature of the shimmers, surface imperfections will be more noticeable. You may want to consider this and correct them or be aware to disguise them.

Traditional priming is not necessary. The Shimmer Paints are more opaque than the Shimmer Glazes. Bearing that in mind you may wish to base coat with a Shabby Paints color close to the Shimmer color or in contract to depending on the end result you wish to achieve. Don’t be afraid to test it out on a sample board prior to starting on a large piece to test for color and technique.

Application: Shabby Shimmers may be applied with a brush, roller, or sprayer onto any properly prepared surface interior or exterior. The product should be mixed thoroughly prior to application.

Brush: Use a high quality, synthetic brush recommended for water based, semi-gloss paints. A Cling-On brush sold by your local Stylist is ideal. Due to the nature of metallic particles, using a brush will ALWAYS result in brush strokes. It is recommended to use them to your advantage to impart a “brushed metal” look by making your final strokes in the same direction or use them as a design feature.

Roller: A foam roller is not recommend as it can impart too many bubbles. A nap of ¼ to ½ inch is ideal. When using a roller, you want to work rather quickly. As with a brush, your final “stroke” should be in the same direction each time (top to bottom, or bottom to top) and working in sections is easiest. Depending on preference for your end result, you may even want to have a spare dry roller on hand to make the final stroke and completely smooth the surface and any errant bubbles.

Sprayer: The best way to obtain a “perfect” finish. Thin product with water to desired consistency. Be careful. Too much water with result in a loss of “hide” or opaqueness and a reduction in the desired appearance.

Shimmer products may be intermixed to create custom colors. To lighten, use Pearl White, to shade, use Smoked Pearl.

Dry Times: Recoat in approximately ½ hour. Dry to the touch in approximately an hour at room temperature and low humidity.

Protective Coating: While not necessary, Varnish makes a great sealer for the Shabby Shimmers. The sheen will keep from dulling the metallic shimmer while increasing the abrasion resistance and extending the service life of the paint.

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How to apply metallic shimmer paints and glazes
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